Apr 2, 2012

Naps, Revenge, and an Evening Snack

Today, I am admitting to a few guilty pleasures.  Go ahead and judge.  But I know I'm not the only one on some of these things...

10 Guilty Pleasures

1.  "Revenge" on ABC.  The husband calls it smut, which it probably is, but I look forward to Wednesday nights and the drama it brings.

2.   Caribou Coffee.  Specifically a medium coffee cooler when the weather is warm and a medium milk chocolate mocha with a shot of hazelnut and no chocolate shavings when it's cold.

3.  Letting Hope play games or watch shows on the computer in the mornings so that I can sleep longer.  Usually until Paige wakes up.

4.  An evening snack.  Most often a bowl of ice cream.

5.  Nail polish.  I don't wear it often (unless it's on my toes in the summer), but I love the colors, bright, muted, glossy or matte.  And always want more.

6. Baby Name Wizard.  I enjoy looking up different names and different trends, even when we don't have a baby on the way to name.

7.  Naps.  Oh how I adore my naps.

8.  I can't do it anymore because she's too big, but when Paige was an infant I loved letting her take a nap on my chest.  In fact, she was so used to it that she didn't nap well otherwise.

9.  Journaling and writing.  Hence the blog.

10.  Reading.  Which I guess isn't necessarily "guilty" but sometimes I get so engrossed in a book that my children get ignored while I read all day.

Happy Monday!


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  1. Awwww, I love that picture...I used to do that all the time with my babies. I miss those days!!!
    I love to read too, and sometimes (ignore) my kids ;)
    Also, coffee is a necessity in my house! I love the stuff...the good stuff, like Caribou and Starbucks.
    Happy Monday to you!!

  2. Don't we all love a nap in the middle of the day? (found you on the blog hop, and began following you)

  3. Great list! Who doesn't love a great nap? Took one myself today.

  4. Naps and reading... on my list. And I've given up trying to wear any polish on my fingernails too.

  5. You call ice cream snack!!! I think I love you. Your pleasures are lovely, truly.

    1. Aw, thanks. Of course, ice cream is dairy, right?

  6. I'm so impressed you can drink Caribou! I drank it once and thought I was having a heart attack from all the caffeine!!

  7. #10 resonates with me right now. It's so bad to get sucked in a book at night and *have* to continue reading in the morning while I let the TV babysit the kids. So. Bad. (but good for my brain, right?...)


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