Apr 6, 2012

Two Years of You

Dear Paige,

Happy Birthday, my sweet Little P.

I am so happy and grateful for these past two years, for the love, the smiles, the laughter, the snuggles.  Even the tears.

I love you so much, my heart overflows.

You are a true joy in our lives.  Such a silly and goofy little girl, dancing, making faces, making up words to get us to laugh.

I love that you made us a family of four, and made Hope a sister.

I will sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" every night to you until you ask me to stop.  I will pick you up every time you say, "Hole Me".  I will kiss you, hug you, and love you forever and ever.

I wish for you to always feel our love, to always feel important and special.  To know the satisfaction of a full life.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my toddler, who will always be my baby.


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