Apr 28, 2012

Not This Time

Project 365 week 17

Well, sorry to disappoint, but Adam will not be guest posting here this week.  (In case you hadn't already figured that out.)  I did, at one point, have him convinced, but then he realized all on his "to do" list this week and just couldn't add "post on Christine's blog" without putting himself over the edge.  I hold onto hope that he might still post in the future.

So, because I don't handle disappointment well, (that is, your possible disappointment and my own) I am currently in the process of finding another someone in my life to guest post.  Because even though I have no real reason to need this, I seem unable to let go of the idea.

In other news, Adam's week of vacation is coming to a close.  We are all bummed that he'll be back at work on Monday, but at the same time, it'll be good for me to get back into our regular routine.  I've learned that it is hard for me to be motivated to do much while Adam is home.  Even when he's working hard on projects, I unintentionally find myself with the attitude of "I don't want to do the dishes/fold the laundry/clean the house/insert other chore here" more than usual.  Mostly because he's home and I know he could do it instead of me.  I guess it feels like because he has a break from work I should get a break from my regular day-to-day activities.

Don't worry.  I tried not to take advantage.  And I will surly be back to my half-way productive self come Monday.

Right now we're all just basking in the glow from our family togetherness these past couple days.

Happy Weekend to you all!

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