Apr 7, 2012

Seven Days of Celebration

Project 365 Week 14

This week was filled with birthday joys of my second-born.  With our families over on Sunday to celebrate, gifts coming in the mail throughout the week, her actual birthday on Friday, and another little party thrown today by one of her aunties, Paige got a two-year-old's birthday extravaganza.

Hope has also benefited from the goodies, but of course was quick to point out that she did not have balloons tied to her chair for her party (a subject still up for debate) nor did we go out for a birthday ice cream cone on her birthday (which is true).  (You can stop laughing now, Mother.)

I decided to continue the Paige-themed week and include seven pictures of my newly turned two-year-old.

Party Day

The New Trike

Bubble Bath

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Three Favorite Times of Day
Ready for Play Time
Two Today

Rock Star

* I used PicMonkey to play around editing these photos. *

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! She's gorgeous and I love your editing! xoxo


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