Apr 13, 2012

I Can Not Tell My Dental Hygienist the Truth

I do not floss every night.  In fact, it is probably less than the "almost every night" I tell the dental hygienist every six months when she asks.

And when my babies' smiles turned from gummy to toothy, I did not begin a flossing regimen like the experts/books/know-it-alls all advised.  Wrestling a child to just get her teeth brushed was enough of a bedtime hassle for me.

But recently I purchased some floss sticks.  Because before that I was too afraid (lazy?) to attempt sticking string and my big fingers inside little mouths.  They work well because they make flossing fun! for the girls and easy! (well, easy-ish) for me.

Although we haven't flossed in probably two weeks.  (Potentially even longer for me.  Yikes.)  We forgo the flossing on later nights when there's an eagerness - ours - to cut the bedtime routine short, which seems to be most nights lately.

I feel adequately guilty.  More so after tonight, when sweet Paige came running back into the bathroom asking, Fost?  And we responded with, Not tonight.

I laughed, knowing we should not be discouraging our two-year-old from healthy dental habits.  But I know also, like with most things, we do the best we can.  And some days that's flossing and other days (or weeks) that's skipping it.

Even if the only reason it is skipped is because Mommy's too tired.

So tomorrow I will try again.  Tomorrow I will attempt to start the bedtime routine early enough to take our time, and to have the time to floss.  And maybe I'll even be motivated to (or shamed into) flossing again too.

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