Jan 6, 2014

How Many Synonyms Can You Think of for "Flippin' Freezing"?

As anyone and everyone around the Midwest (and probably even the country) knows, it is disgustingly and dangerously cold today. In fact, it is so cold that our governor cancelled school today and several school districts have cancelled school for tomorrow as well.

Poor Hope wanted to spend the day with friends but as I have no desire to even open the door (let alone run from the house to the car) we're not going anywhere and I'm pretty sure we will be hard-pressed to find anyone else willing to venture over.

The birthday girl and her Oreo Cupcake

I feel like I'm living in the movie The Day After Tomorrow where the temperature drops so low that fuel lines freeze in helicopters.

Luckily, I'm not opposed to spending the day watching movies, snacking, and making a mess, so hopefully we'll enjoy the next couple days closed off from the world.

Big sister isn't the only one who got her hair cut. She needed it, but I'm mourning the loss of her curls.

In other news, I have decided to make an effort to use my camera more again this year. I'm not exactly sure if I will be participating in Project 365 like a did a few years ago, but I have really let my personal interests slide and I'm not okay with that. If I have something like a photo a day (and weekly photo dumps here) to keep me accountable then maybe I'll get back into one of the ways I nurture my soul.

Learning the fine art of the Rainbow Loom

(Also? I lied. I did open the door. For the Jimmy John's delivery guy. Don't worry, I tipped well for making him come out in tundra.)

Some sort of clue-finding game

Well, I'm off to start up another movie for my kids, snuggle under a big blanket on the couch, and sip some hot tea.

Stay warm!

xoxo, christine

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