Jan 25, 2014

It's Not You, It's My Phone

My phone is plotting to turn me into a hermit.

I can not send or receive texts and any phone calls that come in go directly to voicemail never indicating to me that a call came in or whether or not a voicemail was left. Luckily I see a few friends on a regular basis who were able to inform me of this, otherwise I might start to wonder if everyone decided Avoid Christine and Cut Her Out all at the same time. One could get a complex quite easily, I think.

But, if I weren't so afraid of annoying or offending or alienating people, I might be tempted to succumb to my phone's plot. There is something to be said about shutting out the world and folding into myself. The constant quiet, only to be broken by my own words spoken aloud. The stillness, the ability to be alone with my thoughts. Alone, unable to step on toes, hurt anyone's feelings, feel too much.

The reality is, though, I need my friends. They breathe life into me when I'm feeling deflated. Friends remind me of what it means to love and care about other people. They laugh with me, cry with me, and reassure me. I need them as much as I need food on the table. They nourish me.

And the fact that I'm even toying with the idea of turning into a hermit indicates just how much I need my friends right now.

I think it's time to trade in my phone. And call a few friends.

xoxo, christine

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