Jan 23, 2014

We Are Not Getting a Dog

Yesterday I spent a good half hour looking at puppies available for adoption from local shelters. Clearly I am losing my mind as we are no where near ready to add a four-legged friend to our family. Adam and I have talked about it in the past, but it's mostly been of the "if we were to ever get a pet it would be a dog" and "maybe when the girls are a lot older and can take on most of the responsibility" variety of discussion.

Aside from a brief stint my sister and I had where we owned guinea pigs, Adam and I both grew up in no-pet households. Somehow I fostered a love of kittens as a child, and was horrified when I got into high school and starting developing an allergy to them. Adam, I think, is relieved that there is a valid reason not to adopt a cat because he finds them creepy. (Apparently they're too smart for him or something -- it has to do with their eyes.)

So, I guess we are a dog family. Even though we're not a dog family. I like the freedom of not having to be home at certain times, or being able to be away for the weekend without having to worry about what to do with our dog. I can hardly keep up with the housecleaning as it is and would probably suffocate under all the puppy hair and potty accidents. Not to mention going out for walks in negative one million degree temperatures (the likes of which we have now). Obviously, I am not ready for the commitment of a puppy.

Still, for some reason adopting a pound puppy has been on my heart lately. Even though Adam and I both agree this is not the time to get a dog (if ever), I find myself periodically checking the local shelters and falling in love with little faces named Dixie and Aika and Ace. I daydream about the innocent mischief a puppy would bring to our lives, the giggles and snuggles and kisses the girls would enjoy.

I know that owning a pet is not all sunshine and rainbows, which is why we are not actually considering one at this time. We are far too realistic and cautious to make such a rash decision. Still, maybe some day. A girl can dream, right?

xoxo, christine

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  1. That's one wild hair of a dream Christine! (Ok, that's my personal opinion since I have been asked 1 zillion times by my own children in the last 6 months). Oy!

    I told them Disney World or a Dog when you're 8 & 6? My rationale: You can't go to Disney and leave your dog alone at home. So I told them it is an either or situation. They said Disney. Thank God!


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