Jan 26, 2014

Prima Paige

This weekend my sweet, sweet three-year-old had her first dance performance experience. Her dance studio put on a winter show and even though it was optional, Paige told us that she wanted to be a part of it.

When I saw her up on the stage I'm pretty sure they had to evacuate the auditorium because my heart swelled so big. Whether she ended up doing the dance moves or completely freezing on stage, my eyes watered while I felt an overwhelming abundance of joy for my second born. It felt like such a big moment, her up on that stage all by herself (well, with fifteen other three and four-year-olds), taking a big leap into independence and pushing through a new and even uncomfortable experience to grow into girlhood.

Plus she just made a pretty darn cute Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

In other news, if you're wondering why I'm not returning your calls, you can read all about my phone's plot against me.

Also, we're still recovering from numerous illnesses -- and some new ones are popping up now too. It's already been a loooong winter. A winter which could possibly be made better by getting a new puppy. But then, I'd have to go out in the negative bazillion degree weather.

I'm looking forward to a new week, and really really REALLY hoping for weather above minus 400 degrees any day. Any day. ANY DAY.

Stay warm everyone!

xoxo, christine

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