Jan 21, 2014

In Need of a HAZMAT suit

It feels like Paige just got over an eon-long illness. Cough, runny nose, maybe getting better - nope just kidding, runny nose, cough, cough, cough. Somehow she managed to be sick from Thanksgiving until just a few weeks ago and oh-my-goodness she is finally sleeping through the night again.

But when you have more than one child, illnesses last infinitely longer, because even though Hope could have gotten Paige's cold anytime during those two months, she didn't. It wasn't until Paige was cough-free that Hope woke up with a killer cold, full-on faucet nose with red eyes and a nighttime cough.

We have actually been lucky because I thought that, with her first year of elementary school, numerous sick days and catching everybody's new germs were givens. But Hope has been relatively healthy and only missed her first day of school last week when she had a one day fever.

But the snot in this house, I tell you, we are need of about two hundred boxes of tissues just to keep up. I have been washing my hands so frequently I feel like a nurse, desperate to keep the germs as contained as possible. Preferable with the sick one, and not with me.

Alas it is a part of life, a part of winter life especially, these days and days of sniffly nose and deep congestion. Of course I am hoping I don't get sick. But I'm hoping even more that my husband doesn't get it. I'm already tired from nursing two sick children through this awful thing, I don't think I have the energy to nurse my third "baby" through this too.


Photos below from our week. As you can see I did not make it one photo per day, but at least I'm picking up my camera more now than I was a few months ago. {Baby steps}

 I peeked in my room after cleaning up the kitchen and this is what I found.

 Family "Lady Bug class" instructed by Hope.

 Dinner. Who needs a fork when you have perfectly good fingers?

One of my snow angels. She would play outside all day if she could.

xoxo, christine

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