Nov 19, 2015

5 Random Things

So, because I promised myself I would get to bed before ten tonight and it's already after ten-thirty and I am running on empty as I sit here in front of the computer trying to write, I am just going to give you five random things. Because, well, for the reasons I just mentioned. You're welcome.

1. I made homemade pizza with whole wheat dough tonight for dinner tonight. I'm sorry, it's just not Punch Pizza or Pizza Luce or pretty much any pizza delivery. It was pretty good, don't get me wrong, and the whole wheat fills you up and stays with you longer, so that is a definite bonus, but my goodness I don't know if it will ever fill my good old-fashioned craving when it comes to pizza. But, I'll keep trying, because we are trying to cut back on white flour and feed our family more whole foods. But man, I don't think I can ever one hundred percent give up Punch Pizza or Pizza Luce. Ever.

2. I washed my pizza down with a coke and had a piece of candy for dessert. So, yes, that feeding our family more whole foods is going really well, thankyouverymuch.

3. The past two nights Paige has put six socks on her foot as her "cast" and used two hula hoops as her crutches. It drives her older sister crazy, for some reason, and all I can envision are the hula hoops breaking and leaking liquid all over the house.

4. One of Nora's favorite things to do is to get really frustrated and mad at me and scream and hit me. She especially likes to do it at any point in the day when I try to brush her sisters' hair, wash dishes, fold laundry, or basically anything that does not involve giving her all the attention. Sometimes it makes me want to scream and other times it makes me laugh. I find that my consistency is key in these situations. (hopefully the sarcasm was clear there)

5. I almost took out our Christmas decorations today. Nora and I were at IKEA and it made me want to get all home decoratey with the holiday cheer. But I didn't.

And, there you go. Five random things and it's only eleven, so I'm practically going to bed on time tonight. (Insert the yellow emoji with his squinty eyes and tongue sticking out here.)

xoxo, christine

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