Nov 13, 2015

Prière Pour Paris

What can I write that is worthy of our sorrow?
What can I say to those in the depth of despair?

My heart is heavy.
With every tragedy it gains new pounds, the sorrow a weight that pulls it down.

There is so much darkness right now.
I don't want to keep my eyes open.
Yet even when they are open I still can not see.

The darkness is everywhere.
It is suffocating.
How can we see? How can we breath?

My words are empty echos.
They are in the middle of chaos.

How can I sit here and cry?
How can I sit here and live?

We call out for answers,
for understanding.

What do we tell our children?
How do we bring them up to survive?

I don't want them just to survive. I want them to thrive.
I want them to see the world not as dark.
I want them to see the world as light.

Even in darkness there is light, they say.
Where is the light?

Where is the light?

xoxo, christine

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