Nov 20, 2015

On the First Day of Thanksgiving Break

The big girls ran from the bus stop in the fluffy winter coats. The colder temperatures have been a bit of a shock to our systems. But when the reached the warmth and safety of home they started shedding their backpacks and various layers and welcomed unthawing with hot cocoa.

Our Thanksgiving break has officially begun.

I think we are all ready for a few days off of school and schedule and routine. I'm certainly looking forward to some slower mornings with no rush to get out of pajamas and plenty of cartoons and snuggling. Perhaps even a breakfast of doughnuts one morning.

I think we might pull out our big plastic bins of Christmas decorations and start decking our halls this week. When my seven-year-old heard that I almost did it myself yesterday, she was quite disappointed that I didn't end up doing it. She has been pouting the past week that the radio station hasn't started playing Christmas music. She is more than ready for the holiday season to be in full swing.

I'm just happy to have a little time with all three girls at home. And if we can get into the holiday mood, all the better.

xoxo, christine

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