Nov 21, 2015

A Picture Worth a Thousand Stresses

Oh my goodness we may have FINALLY gotten the whole too-many-photos-on-our-computer-taking-up-too-much-memory-where-can-we-download-them-and-still-have-adequate-access-to-them problem resolved!

Now, I realize that this is probably not really all that note worthy for anyone but me (and maybe my husband because, hello crazy photo obsessing wife), however, this has been stressing me out so so much that having this figured out takes a huge weight off my shoulders. I mean I was so overwhelmed about this that after he helped me, the support tech guy became another on my "favorite people" list. (The likes of which include the anesthesiologist who gave me my epidural during my first labor and delivery. Yeah, that's how overwhelmed I was about all of this photo stuff.)

One big major thing that has been etched in stone in big block letters on my To Do list can finally be crossed off. Oh, the freedom I feel!

I know, I know. I might sound a bit overdramatic, but you know those things that are hanging around on your To Do list and every time you go to actually do the thing you run into a new obstacle that actually adds things to you To Do list instead of crossing that one thing off? Well, this was my thing. Every time I tried to figure it out there were new problems that came up that prevented me from getting it taken care of. But!

I can go to bed with a smile on my face. That is, if I get myself to bed. Now I'm so overjoyed that all I want to do is get all this stuff organized so that not only are the photos off the computer and accessible but also organized. Because I like me some organized stuff.

I know I'm ridiculous. I am just so happy and relieved. Thank you thank you thank you to the tech support guy who helped me out!

(And a special thank you to YOU who read this silly little post.)

xoxo, christine

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