Nov 23, 2015

Monday? Check.

It was the first no school day of our week-long Thanksgiving break. It was also a Monday. So. Pass the coffee.

Our, First-Day-Off-Of-School-Monday-Before-Thanksgiving official To Do List was thoroughly marked up and crisscrossed and double checked and filled with way too many things but oh well because they can always be done tomorrow too.

Haircuts for the two big girls? Check. And smiley face check with a pat on the back because I even got them out the door around 9:15. Mostly because I wanted to get a coffee at the coffee shop next door to the hair salon, but hey, we were all still dressed and out the door so that counts.

Actual sit-down lunch? Check. Never mind that it was apple slices, cheese slices, crackers, and a handful of peanuts.

Get out the Christmas decorations? Check. And a bonus check for actually putting them up!

PS. The girls spent the next forty-five minutes playing with our nativity scene.

Nap for Nora and me? Check. Check. Exclamation pointy check!

Library to get books to read during this week of break? Check. I even got three for myself. Laughable, I know. I actually think I'm going to get any reading done? Ha, ha.

Dishes washed? Check.

Two out of three girls bathed? Check and check.

Dinner made? *blank stare*

Five loads of laundry folded? *crickets chirping*

House straightened up before bed? *blink blink*

Dishes from dinner tonight washed? *gulp*

Okay, so, we started out strong. Good thing I left all the fun stuff like folding 2348273040 loads of laundry for tomorrow.

xoxo, christine

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