Jan 9, 2012

Food and Kids: my working theme

Today, I am joining up with The Good Life for Monday Listicles.

And, you know I love lists.  So how could I resist?

Unfortunately, the list is supposed to be Top Ten Strange (unusual/interesting/funny) Jobs you've held in your life, but as I'm such a youngin' (can I still claim that?), I haven't actually had ten paying jobs.

But I'm okay with that.

I'm not really sure what my technical titles were for most of my jobs either, so I've taken the liberty of making up my own.

1.  Candy Girl, serving treats at the candy kiosk at the mall

2.  Shave Ice Creator, making delectable shave ice creations in a little hut outside the bowling alley

3.  Childcare Helper, assisting teachers for a county daycare

4.  Data Enterer, entering information for a research department

5.  Summer Leader, leading school-age kids during a summer enrichment program

6.  Assistant PreSchool Teacher, pretty much exactly what the title implies

7.  Auditor, for an insurance company

8.  Wife, to my husband

9.  Stay at Home Mother, to my older daughter

10.  Stay at Home Mother, to my younger daughter

Wow, look at that.  I didn't even realize I'm currently juggling three full-time jobs.  True, they are not paid, and sometimes I sure wish they were, but, most of the time I am happy for payments of love, appreciation, smiles, kisses, and cuddles.

(And I sure as heck am thrilled to not be employed with any other of those jobs up there.  Looks like I'm in the right field.)


  1. I love lists too, but I really love that you included "wife", that really made me smile!

    1. Sometimes wife just feels like a job. But not in a bad way, if that's possible.

  2. You might get sued by insurance company for previously giving out candy to kids who are now claiming high dentist bills :)
    I bet last three are your favorite. Great one, so good to have you Listicling!!

  3. I bet being an auditor was interesting :)


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