Jan 21, 2012

Project 365 Week 3

Here we are at the third week of Project 365.  Trying to take a picture a day for the year of 2012.

I spend a lot of time with this apple
This week I attempted to take my camera out of Auto mode and into Manual.

Relaxing on the couch
I'm no where near getting things right, and I put it back into Auto for numerous pictures, but it's a step in the right direction.

Yes our Christmas stuff is still not put
away by January 17
  I also took several with my oh-so-quality phone camera.

Playing indoors when the cold finally came
Because sometimes it's just inconvenient to bring my big camera everywhere.

Watching Sesame Street with her big cousin
The only problem is, if I don't have the big camera, I don't always remember to take a picture with my phone.

Attempting a photo of holding hands
Paige was not cooperating
Which is why we end up with a lot of randomness from my week.

At the end of a long, napless day
Girls didn't have energy to get off the floor
But I'm going to pretend that this is the point of Project 365.  Because I know you all want to see the randomness that is my life.

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  1. It is nice to look back on you 365 and see your photography skills grow but I think telling a story is the most important thing. And your photos are wonderful and capture your family's story beautifully!


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