Jan 24, 2012

She is a Big Little Girl

My little girl is growing up.

Even though it has only been 23 days since she turned four, I've already noticed a difference in her.

I have heard that three is the hardest age and, thus far, I agree.  I do, however, know that we have another 343 days of her as a four-year-old in which things could drastically change.

But right now, I see that my little girl is maturing.

I see that she is learning how to remain calm, how to feel upset or disappointed without throwing herself on the floor in a fit.  She is able to take deep breaths to help herself relax.  She will go into a time out without a word and tell me when she is ready to follow the rules.

Often, she will say, "I'm four now.  I'm a big girl, Momma.  I'll be a good listener."

And when I tell her "no" her initially reaction is no longer to cry and whine.  Most of the time she will either say, "Okay, Momma" or "Oh man!"

(This is not to say she doesn't still have her non-listening and fit-throwing moments.  After all, she has only been alive four years.)

I'm not sure what changed.  Sometimes I wonder if part of it is a difference in my mindset and attitude, but really, I think it is Hope.  I want to give her credit for her four-year-old maturity.

Of course, I wouldn't exactly say she is mature. She does still have her potty humor.

But she is maturing.

She is growing.  And with her, I am too.  We are growing, together.

And I am so proud of her.  She is turning into such a big little girl.

This is just one of my favorite things about motherhood.


  1. She is just beyond cute and I feel the same about four. We are a few months in and I am enjoying it so much more than three. They are becoming little people now and I love seeing it happen. Love your new header, BTW!

    1. Thanks, Jessica. Yes, I hear good things about fours but if you're a couple months ahead will you give me a heads up if I need to watch out? :)

      Also, I'm excited about the header...I think. (Truth be told I was inspired by your new one!)


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