Jan 7, 2012

Project 365

So, after seeing many tweets and hashtags about it, and then googling to figure out exactly what it was, I've decided to participate in Project 365.

My only issue is I have decided this today, on January 7th, and even though I don't think there's an official start day, I feel like January 1st would have been the perfect one.

(Because I'm weird about wanting to start things at times or dates that "make sense" and January 1st is the beginning of a new year which makes total sense to me and January 7th which is just, well, the 7th.)

The problem with a January 1st start is that I wasn't actually consciously thinking about taking a picture every day, and while I did take a picture almost every day, I did not take one on January 2nd.  Which means I already failed a project on the second day, without even realizing I was participating in said project.

Oh well.

Even without a picture for January 2nd, I am claiming my start date as January 1st (because I'm weird, yes, see above).  It is driving me crazy, but I will just suffer through and deal with not having a perfectly perfect project year...

Here is week one from my Project 365.  Although this year I guess it's technically Project 366.  (But for me, already missing a day it is 365. - grr.)

So, without further babbling, here we go.

January 1: Cake
January 2: My self portrait of how I felt
after seeing some friends because
yes, I did not take a picture this day
January 3: Messing with Daddy
January 4: Newly whitened teeth
(close-up a little freaky, I know)
January 5: Lunch
January 6: Bowling

January 7: Look who we found
under the piano - the missing fox.


  1. I am on my way to Project 365 as well, I missed a day and probably make it more than another week. I'm not very good at this already. Every time I visit you I'm blow away by how gorgeous your girls are... just adorable.

  2. Ah, thank you Jessica! Sure find them adorable, but I'm a little bias. :o)


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